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We recognize that diversity is a key performance measure of a successful business.  Diversity includes the entire spectrum of differences that make each of us unique.  Our differences in gender, education, age, culture, physical, mental, both visible and invisible all promote creativity and inventiveness.  It’s no wonder why diverse businesses outperform others by 35%.


Inclusion is the process of ensuring that all people have equal access to opportunities and resources.  A successful strategy of an inclusive workplace includes integration into systems, policies, processes and procedures.   The purposeful strategy creates an environment of respect, engagement, rewards talent and fosters brand awareness of a diverse target audience.


We specialize in building high performance teams through skill-based training in leadership development, organizational development, diversity, inclusion, equity, change management and organizational effectiveness.  Recognizing that excellence and performance are our universal business drivers, our highly skilled and diverse team of experts develop custom, effective and sustaining environments of belonging while positively impacting your organization’s mission.


Creating A Diverse Leadership Pipeline

We begin by conducting a workforce analysis so that data informs where diversity is present or needed. Reviewing the systems and process of recruitment, development, and promotion system helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of how to increase inclusion from a systems approach. We then partner with your company’s Organizational Development, Talent Management, or Human Resources function to facilitate a process of identifying and selecting diverse high potential and emerging leaders, conducting a talent review and calibrating succession readiness. We offer the development of a dynamic inclusive leadership development program to prepare leaders into this pipeline.

Strategic Planning and Implementation   
A one, three, or five-‐year plan is essential to moving your organization’s success forward. Our team can work with any combination of leaders to develop a vision, mission, and values, identify goals, clarify roles, identify responsibilities, develop an implementation plan, and crafting a strategic plan for any level of the company or in the department. Through a combination of strategic planning work sessions and follow-‐up coaching, we work with you to ensure that the plan is implemented for success.

Navigating Culture Change Diversity and Inclusion Strategy   

When you’re ready to take your company’s diversity efforts to the next level, it’s time to develop a comprehensive diversity strategy or refresh your current strategy. Our team will conduct a thorough historical culture exploration and analysis in your organization to identify past efforts, strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities for building an impactful diversity strategy and vision that can achieve both short-‐term objectives and long-‐term positive, organizational outcomes.

Crafting a High Performing Diversity Council   
A high performing diversity council is one of the most effective ways to ensure employees are empowered to champion a diverse workplace. Whether you already have a council in action or are just beginning, our experienced team will help you establish, name, grow, and improve the council’s performance. We work with council chairs, subcommittees, and the larger council as a whole to define roles, assess the effectiveness of members and evaluate performance to be sure that the council is effective in action and not just in name.


Performance Management Systems for the 21st Century   
We conduct an audit of your performance management appraisal system to ensure that the system is truly inclusive of all employees regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious views, or physical disability. We will improve the performance management system to focus on culturally competent competencies and action behaviors, as well as continued training and coaching.


Cultural Competency Leadership Development Training  

This workshop equips leaders at all levels with the cultural competency skills to work effectively across differences and similarities, enabling them to build inclusive, higher performing teams. Participants learn key skills to lead diverse teams, both globally and domestically, including our 13 Skills for Culturally Competent Communication.


Executive-‐level Diversity & Inclusion Training   
For any diversity initiative to achieve a positive impact on the business bottom line, it is critical to have demonstrated support and commitment at the top levels of leadership. This workshop equips C-‐Suite Executives and Senior Managers with the practical cultural competency skills to function as inclusive leaders who leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion throughout the company.


7 Principles for Working Effectively Across Generations in the Workplace 
 What are the implications of five generations of employees working together in the workplace? How do generational differences influence the expectations of managers, employee motivation, and work/life balance? This workshop equips managers with the knowledge and skills to better understand these differences and similarities so that they are able to effectively lead across generations and build higher performing leaders and teams.

Creating a Culture of Innovation Through Inclusion   
It is important to utilize a definition of diversity that goes beyond race and gender. Leveraging diversity of thought to drive innovation is a key part of any successful diversity and inclusion initiative. This workshop will support employees and managers in developing the skills to build a culture of inclusion that creates a “safe to speak up” environment. This inclusive work environment empowers leaders to maximize the diversity of talent, skills and experience to create innovative business solutions.

Building Trust as a Leadership Skill   
Creating trust in the workplace is the cornerstone to achieving high levels of employee engagement. This workshop will equip leaders at all levels with a model for building trust across departments, teams, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Participants will learn how to eliminate silos while creating a higher performing environment for success.

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Dr. Vicr Baker

Dr. Victor Baker

Dr. Vic Baker is the founder and CEO of Equitify, LLC.   A professional development solutions provider who maximizes the leader and optimizes organizational structures to sustain enriching, diverse, equitable, and
inclusive work ecosystems while maximizing
performance. Victor’s executive leadership spanned more than 25 years as an executive in the energy industry, where he has led teams in engineering, operations, procurement, innovation, safety, customer
service, community relations, and government
relations. Victor has also served on the Board of Directors for many local, regional and national organizations.

Dr. Heather Vilhauer

Dr. Heather Vilhauer is dedicated to assisting organizations in their efforts to provide just and equitable programs and services to their communities. She has published, presented, and collaborated extensively with municipal, camp and non-profit organizations on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has worked in public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations in diverse communities throughout the United States. Her doctorate in Organization and Leadership is from the University of San Francisco. 

Melvin (Mel) Davis, Jr Ed. D.

Prior to joining Equitify, Dr. Davis was Board President and Executive Director of STS Academy, an academic learning resource for lower SES students.  Dr. Davis’ professional career includes senior marketing leadership positions with major consumer packaged goods firms like, ConAgra Foods, Del Monte Foods, and Dr. Pepper/7UP.

Darrylyn Z. Swift

As a Diversity, Equity Access and Inclusion, and Leadership Strategist , Trainer, and Coach, she has been hired by startups to Fortune 500 companies to serve as a diversity strategist and thought leader that builds, maintains, and shares resources (tools, training opportunities, etc.) to increase capacity for organizations to foster an inclusive learning and working environment; conduct organizational assessments, and focus on change and

organizational development.


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